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Sunrise Tri

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Sunrise Tri Bike & Triathlon Shop

Established in the Spring of 2006, Sunrise Tri is Long Island's premier triathlon location. Our sole focus is triathlon and road, which affords us the ability to cover every facet of the sport.  Sunrise Tri was just voted once again by Slowtwitch as one of the Top 50 Tri Stores in the US for 2015.  We pride ourselves in being on the cutting-edge of the world's fastest growing sport. Sunrise Tri carries the hottest bikes from Cervelo, BMC, Felt, Trek, Scott, Argon18 and Ridley, and, as well as the latest gadgetry from Zipp, HED., SRAM, Polar, Garmin, Mavic, Quarq, X-Labs and more. Whether you are an Ironman veteran or a tri newbie we've got you covered. 

Our West Babylon location features our dynamic fit studio in addition to our storefront. At Sunrise Tri we take racing seriously, and we understand that bike fitting is of utmost importance. In order for an athlete to do their very best it is imperative that they are as biomechanically efficient as possible, and we take every step possible to make sure that is achieved in every bike fitting.

Bike Fit Studio

The West Babylon location is also our warehouse and main shipping hub. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by! Anything from our online store can be picked up here.

The staff at Sunrise Tri is made up of experienced individuals who are more than willing to help you with purchasing a new tri bike, triathlon apparel, or any other questions you may have about training or racing. 

Frank, owner of Sunrise Tri, has been in and around the bicycle industry for over 40 years. His years of experience have filled him with a wealth of knowledge that can only be gained through working in the trenches. Frank is our lead bike fitter and will work one-on-one with you to ensure that you are properly fit to your new or pre-existing bicycle. He is a Trained Bike Fit Specialist, who studied under Signature Cycles Paul Levine, a pioneer of the dynamic bike fitting. Later certified by Retul as a "Certified Fitter " and "Advanced Time Trial Fitter". Having performed over 3000 dynamic fits, Frank is one of the most experienced and respected fitters in the US. Frank's ride: Cervelo S5 Di2 
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Joe is our general manager. Bouncing between our two locations Joe is the one responsible for making sure every detail is addressed. Having grown up in the bike industry and an avid cyclist make Joe the go to guy. Joe graduated RPI with a BS degree in Electrical engineering and Economics. Joe's ride: Trek Madone 9.9 Series Di2 
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Cathy is our chief nutrition, apparel and accessory buyer. When Cathy is not buying new merchandise to add to our catalog she can be found answering calls or helping out in the showroom. If you have a question about sizing, fabric, color or anything about our vast selection of apparel Cathy is our apparel expert. Working at Sunrise Cyclery and Sunrise Tri for over 20 years if you have any questions or concerns Cathy will help you with her with her trademark smile. Cathy's ride: Cervelo S2 DA. 
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