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Triathlon Accessories

Profile Design Attk Storage Case
Aero Performance The shape is designed to fit snugly against the stem to smooth the airflow over the stem, leading into the top tube transition. ATTK Storage Case Features: Construction: Injected Nylon/Glass Fiber with EVA foam base Shape fits snugly against the stem to smooth airflow and improve aerodynamics Two (2) mounting options; direct bolt-on or Velcro straps Secure full length flexible slot opening Size: 210mm x 40mm x 57mm Color: Black
TYR Silicone Molded Ear Plugs
$3.99 - $4.99
The Silicone Molded Ear Plugs feature a hollow stem, to ensure minimal hearing disruption while swimming. Engineered to block water from entering the ears, the LEARS Silicone Swimming Ear Plugs are specially shaped to fit left and right ears and include a carrying case for easy travel and storage. One size fits all.
Yankz Sure Lace System
$7.99 - $8.50
Make the Transition! Make The Transition!A Better Fit that You Never Have to Tie Again… Yankz! Sure Lace System is the most comfortable and innovative lacing system available. The unique design is ideal for walking, running, hiking, gym class, biking and other athletic activities. Expandable cords provide an unsurpassed level of “personalized” fit and comfort. No more tying, retying, double knots or frazzled dirty laces. Slip on your shoe with Yankz! You're ready for action!
Sunrise Tri Team Membership
Join Team Sunrise Tri and be part of a winning team! Membership entitles you to discounts online and in the store. Membership is $40 for a full year. Description: Membership benefits 10% Off Parts 10% Off Accessories 10% Off Apparel 5% Off Bicycles *Note: Membership discounts may not be combined with other promotional discounts or coupon codes. Please allow 24 hours for your account to be updated.
RPI of Atlanta The Original Stick
The Stick® is offered in various sizes because muscles come in different sizes. Basically the models are listed by length in large, medium and small sizes. Each of the three length categories features a stiff, standard or flexible model. The more flexible the model the softer and more gentle it feels on your muscles. The stiff models are used on more dense body mass and when deep, firm release is desired or recommended. The Original Bodystick is the preferred model for the average size male/female.
Bontrager Speed Concept Speed Box II
Bontrager's Speed Concept Speed Box II is an essential for triathletes, long distance riders and anyone else who wants to keep gels and supplements close at hand on their 2014-15 Trek Speed Concept bike. Its streamline shape adds zero additional drag and the rubberized lid folds out of the way to remove your items.
Sunrise Tri Professional Bike Fit
Whether you're thinking of getting fit on your current bicycle or planning a new bike purchase, a professional bike fit will enhance your performance and better your cycling experience. Sunrise Tri has a state-of-the-art fit studio with a fit professional certified by one of the most respected fit specialists in the bicycle industry, Paul Levine. With our professional personal attention on you and the latest technology available, like Retul 3-D Motion Capture, Dartfish Video Motion Analysis and Computrainer Spin Scan Pedal Stroke Analysis, Sunrise Tri can help you achieve your cycling goals. A Sunrise Tri Fit is all about YOU! Everybody has different goals (i.e. first time sprint triathlete, first century ride or first ironman) and physical limitations. We will work with you on a personal basis to make your cycling experience comfortable and efficient.
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