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Wheels Manufacturing BB/PF30 Universal Adapter for 22/24mm Spindle Cranks (SRAM/TruVativ)
$18.30 $61.00 70% Off
Machined engineering-grade Delrin inserts for adapting bottom brackets to a different type of crankset spindle. - Adapts PF30 and Cannondale BB30-73A bottom brackets for use with SRAM/TruVativ cranksets - Delrin adaptors fit between bearings and crank spindle - BB Shell Width (mm): 68 mm , 73 mm - Spindle Interface Type: TruVativ GXP - BB/Frame Interface: PF30
Wheels Manufacturing BB30a/PF30a/BBright Adapter for 24mm Spindle Cranks
$18.30 $61.00 70% Off
Wheels Manufacturing BBRIGHT BB30A and PF30A Adaptor for 24mm Spindle Cranks adapts 24mm spindle cranks (Shimano, FSA, etc.) to most BBRight frames. Compatible with 2011-2012 Cervelo models R3, R3 Team, S5, S5 Team, S5 VWD, R5ca and R5 VWD. - Also adapts Cannondale BB30a and PF30a frames to 24mm spindle cranks (Shimano, FSA, etc.). - Includes eight 0.7mm shims for fine-tuning chain line - Machined engineering-grade Delrin - 48g/pr
Wheels Manufacturing BBright Adapter for 22/24mm Spindle Cranks
$18.30 $61.00 70% Off
The Wheels Manufacturing BBright Press Fit Bottom Bracket Adaptor for GXP Cranks adapts 24/22mm cranks (SRAM, Truvativ, etc.) to most BBRight frames. Compatible with 2011-2012 Cervelo models R3, R3 Team, S5, S5 Team, S5 VWD, R5ca and R5 VWD. - Includes eight 0.7mm shims for fine-tuning chain line - Machined engineering-grade Delrin - 8g/pr
Wheels Manufacturing PF30 Adapter for 22/24mm Spindle Cranks
$19.22 $64.05 70% Off
Wheels Manufacturing Press Fit 30 Bottom Bracket Adapter for 22/24mm Spindle Cranks adapts 22/24mm Spindle Cranks (SRAM/TruVativ) to work on PF30 frames. Simply tap the adapters into the 6806 bearing in the BB shell, then install the spindle and cranks. Use Wheels Mfg Crank Spindle Spacers to adjust your chainline, or take up any side-to-side movement in your cranks. These spacers are machined from engineering-grade Delrin. Notes: - PF30-SRAM was originally designed for use with SRAM PF30 bottom brackets and will not work with Wheels Manufacturing PF30-BB, PF30-BB-AC or PF30-BB-CER. Use Wheels Mfg BBUNIV-SRAM to adapt 22/24mm Spindle Cranks (SRAM/TruVativ) in Wheels Manufacturing PF30 bottom brackets. - Not compatible with SRAM PF30 bottom brackets that use a thin plastic reducer inserted into the bearings. - The stock bottom bracket seals must be removed before installing the Pressfit 30 adapter
Sunlite Aluminum Low Profile Horizontal Square Crankarm (Left)
$6.60 $21.99 70% Off
- Horizontal square interface - Only includes left crank
$165.00 $549.99 70% Off
The carbon fiber version of the SRAM Force 10-speed GXP crankset is a high-end bicycle component designed for road cycling. Like the aluminum version, it is compatible with SRAM's 10-speed drivetrains and features a GXP (Giga X Pipe) bottom bracket system for efficient power transfer. The carbon fiber construction of the crankset provides a lightweight and stiff platform for power transfer, which can help improve your overall cycling performance. The compact design of the crankset features two chainrings (typically 50/34T or 53/39T), which can be replaced to customize your gearing for different riding conditions. The SRAM Force 10-speed GXP carbon fiber crankset comes with a bottom bracket that is designed to work specifically with the GXP system. The bottom bracket uses oversized bearings to provide smooth spinning and is compatible with frames that have a 68mm bottom bracket shell. Overall, the SRAM Force 10-speed GXP carbon fiber crankset is a high-end and high-performance component that is designed to meet the needs of serious road cyclists and competitive racers who demand the best in terms of weight savings, stiffness, and durability.
SRAM RED Quarq Power Meter Crankset
$598.50 $1,995.00 70% Off
If you're not using a power meter and tracking your watts, then you're giving the competition an advantage. SRAM's brilliantly stiff, light RED cranks feature a Quarq Power Meter integrated into the crank for easy installation, low weight, and minimal maintenance. Your power info is transmitted ANT+ wirelessly, enabling you to use the head unit of your choice (sold separately), and with no wires or external sensors, your beautifully sleek road machine stays clutter-free. Other nice features include an easily replaced battery and a wattage reading accuracy of +/- 1.5%. Also, calibration values are stoRED in the CinQo so there's no need to re-calibrate if you switch head units or swap chainrings. Plus, since the power sensor is in the crank, you can easily switch wheels. In addition, SRAM's X Glide R chainrings deliver world-class front shifts, and the oversize carbon arms transfer every watt of your strength.
$198.00 $659.99 70% Off
Your bike is more than just a tool for training; it's an accessory to your lifestyle. You've engineered your life to accommodate your riding, it seems reasonabe to expect the same of your bike components. The 3D+ 110 is a work of engineering founded upon the principles of lightweight and rigid. Crank arms CNC-machined in Spain from aeronautic-grade 7055 aluminum are combined with proprietary technologies to yield cranks with an exceptional stiffness to weight ratio that can handle the dizzying wattage that you'll stomp out on the 3D+. Together with ROTOR's Universal Bottom Bracket (UBB) system, the 3D+ compact crank offers a performance upgrade opportunity for almost all bikes on the market. BOTTOM BRACKET NOT INCLUDED
Quarq RIKEN 10R Power Meter Crankset
$478.50 $1,595.00 70% Off
To reach your maximum potential as a cyclist, it's a great idea to train with a power meter, and the Quarq RIKEN brings together excellent accuracy and performance in a wireless, crank-based unit. It uses ANT+ wireless technology to pair with a head unit of your choice (sold separately), to display and record your ride data. Plus, an LED indicator lets you know you've correctly synced the RIKEN with your head unit. And, the user-replaceable battery is a simple to swap and readily available CR2032. With the RIKEN's excellent accuracy you get extremely useful data, even if you swap chainrings, thanks to Quarq's Omnical technology. Plus, the SRAM-made carbon crankarms and 5-bolt precision-shifting chainrings will leave you floored by their unreal stiffness and beauty.
$120.00 $399.99 70% Off
Number of Chainrings: Single Material: Steel Crankarm Length: 175 mm Color: Black Part Type: Crank Arms Compatible Bike Type: BMX Bike Brand: Fusion
$150.00 $499.99 70% Off
$330.00 $1,099.99 70% Off
Campagnolo Record Carbon 10s Crankset 39-53T 172.5mm
$280.50 $935.00 70% Off
Campagnolo Super Record 11 speed crankset 172.5 Standard 39/53
Shimano SLX M7000-2 Crankset
- Solid pedaling efficiency - New 3D composite chain ring teeth composition is optimized for each chainwheel load out - Balance of strength and weight in 2-piece crank construction - Improved driving rigidity - Close ratio gear combination for minimum shifting gap and maintaining rhythm - Enhanced chain retention - Better sealing and better rotation - Small ball bottom bracket - Series : SLX - Crank Construction: HOLLOWTECH II Technology - Bottom Bracket: BB-MT800/BB-MT800-PA - Chain Line: 48.8 - Average Weight: 788.7g (28-28T) 761.4g (36-26T) 739.8g (34-24T)
Rotor 3D 30MM 172.5 52/36 110BCD CRANK SET
The 3D30 Crankset's design is based on our top-of-the-line 3D+ crank, and is enhanced by our proprietary Trinity Drilling System (TDS) triple drilling technology to yield perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio. Unlike other ROTOR cranksets, this crank is equipped with a 30-millimeter spindle, ideal for those who covet stiff power. It was developed in conjunction with top pro cyclists and world champions for its featherweight feel with stiffness that keeps you in control when you're sprinting through the last meters, pushing for your spot on the podium.
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