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$19.50 $64.99 70% Off
Vittoria Diamante Pro Radial Tires Superfine 220 TPI Nylon Plus Radial Casing Slick-tread center with grip pattern at shoulders Up to 145 PSI
Sunlite Freestyle Kontact (20-inch)
$7.50 $24.99 70% Off
- Park/street tire, with directionally grooved tacky tread - Wire bead - Available in three widths
Sunlite Kross Plus Tire
$9.00 $29.99 70% Off
- Multi-use tire with a smooth center for low rolling resistance and raised lateral lugs for grip - Wire bead - Size: 26 x 1.95
Sunlite MX3 Tire (12 1/2-inch)
$3.90 $12.99 70% Off
- Entry-level BMX-style tire with sturdy casing for longevity - Wire bead - Size: 12 1/2 x 2 1/4
Sunlite MX3 Tire (14-inch)
$5.10 $16.99 70% Off
- Entry-level BMX-style tire with sturdy casing for longevity - Wire bead - Size: 14 x 2.125
Schwalbe Pro One Evolution Line Tubeless Tire
$25.68 $85.60 70% Off
The Pro One Tire is part of the new generations of tubeless tires. It is a truly thrilling ride. It's fast, reliable, and light. The patented MicroSkin construction makes this all possible—70 grams less weight, 15% less rolling resistance, and improved cut resistance all around. This is the absolute top model from Schwalbe! - The Schwalbe Pro One is compatible with a normal tube, but its true strengths are experienced only in tubeless form.
$18.00 $59.99 70% Off
Designed specifically for rear use, the Yksion Pro PowerLink Tire places speed and responsiveness first. The dual compound tread features a harder 70a compound on in the center of tire to minimize rolling resistance. A softer 60a compound on the shoulders increases cornering control. The grooved tread helps displace water and further traction in wet conditions. A nylon reinforced breaker helps prevent punctures without adding extra weight, and the 127 TPI nylon casing ensures a lively ride quality.
Electra Cruiser Strat-O-Balloon Tire
$9.00 $29.99 70% Off
Enjoy the velvety smooth ride and sure grip of Electra's Cruiser Strat-O-Balloon Tire. Plus, its classic design adds a touch of style to any bike.
Continental Grand Prix 5000 650B
$25.49 $84.95 70% Off
The Grand Prix 5000 is the best all-rounder in the field, brought to a whole new performance level. Ride faster, more comfortably, and with increased puncture protection. Its Active Comfort Technology absorbs vibrations and smooths your ride. Lazer Grip technology, designed to make you one with the road, features a lasered micro profile structure that expands over the tire’s shoulder and provides outstanding cornering. The Vectran Breaker is lighter, more flexible and protects more effectively against cuts than comparable nylon. With incredible tear resistance at a very low weight, it possesses exactly the right properties to be a premium puncture protection insert, while not adversely affecting rolling resistance. The Grand Prix 5000—made to make you better. With Continental's unique and legendary BlackChili tread compound, produced only in Germany, they have revolutionized the sport of cycling. This compound answers the eternal question of the best balance of grip and rolling resistance for cycling. Regular test wins confirm the measurable and noticeable advantages for cyclists, established in both the lab and on the road. The latest polymers, as well as specially developed carbon black particles and filler materials, guarantee ultimate performance.
Wheel Size: 700 x 23 Item Width: 23c Features: Foldable, Slick Tread Color: Black Part Type: Tire Compatible Bike Type: Road Bike - Racing Brand: Vittoria Tire Type: Clincher
The Power Competition is MICHELIN's lightest, fastest road tire — it delivers their lowest rolling resistance and still maintains a high level of grip and durability. - MICHELIN Race compound rubber optimizes the balance of low rolling resistance and grip - Triple layer 180 tpi casing with puncture-resistant crown ply for comfort and durability - Aramid Protek belt under tread for puncture protection - Tread Wear Indicator molded into tire tread - Tire Bead: Folding - Tire Type: Clincher Weights: 700 x 23c (195g) 700 x 25c (215g)
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