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Profile Design Aeria Ultimate Wing Carbon Aerobar

Profile Design Aeria Ultimate Wing Carbon Aerobar
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
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This is an aerobar defined by fit. Unlike aerobars of the past that had their fit and adjustability range restricted by design and construction, the Aeria Ultimate places fit first. The Aeria Ultimate is a durable, low profile carbon aerobar designed with an expandable adjustability range and custom fit for the ideal TT setup for each individual rider’s body type. It features an extensive range of independent adjustment of reach and width in the smallest increments, stack adjustment with lowest stack available without extensions placed below the basebar, and built-in tilt adjustment of the integrated bracket allowing the armrests to be rotated separately from the extensions without adding stack height.

- Reach adjustment range: Increments of 7.5mm with range of 92mm fore/aft
- Adjustable stack of 25 to 105mm in 5mm increments to achieve the same pad stack as aerobars with extensions placed below the basebar
- All dimensional adjustments are independent of each other to achieve desired fit with no need to calculate adjustments in order to make changes
- Tilt adjustment is built into the pad/extension bracket with a range up to 15 degrees - rotating the armrests separate from the extensions improves overall aerodynamics without raising stack height
- Includes F-40 Armrest with offset bolt pattern featuring nine times fore/aft positioning with 67.5mm adjustment range, 18,5mm width adjustment between position, and 15 degrees rotational adjustment
- Stem sold separately

Tech specs:

- Bracket: Aeria Ultimate Forged
- Stack: 25mm to 105mm (5mm Increments)
- Reach: -21mm to 92mm (7.5mm Increments)
- Width: 125mm to 252mm (18.5mm Increments)
- Extension Length Adjustment: 230mm to 337mm (Center of Basebar to Tip)
- Extension Length: 378mm
- Extension Height: 71mm
- Extension Angle: 30° (For T4+ Carbon)
- Bracket Tilt Adjustment: 0-15°
- Weight: 910g (without stem or armrest risers)